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Selecting the right floor coating system for correctional facilities is very challenging due to the harsh nature of the environment and high demand on the coatings.

Flooring must meet a range of performance challenges throughout the facility, while also being economical to install and easy to maintain. 

Depending on the area, the flooring needs to be;

  • Tough and durable to withstand constant heavy foot traffic
  • Slip resistant but easy to clean, disinfect and sanitise
  • Impact resistant
  • Thermal resistant and anti-microbial for kitchens and food storage areas
  • Resistant to harsh chemical cleaners and solvents

Inappropriate flooring systems include highly textured finishes, which can result in prisoners accidentally or deliberately harming themselves, and flooring materials that do not bond directly to the concrete slab, which can grow mould between the flooring and the substrate.

To help choose the appropriate flooring system, here is Fosroc’s guide to Industrial Floor Coatings for Correctional Facilities, for;

  • Showers & wet areas
  • Prison cell floors, corridors and communal cell areas
  • Kitchen areas

Shower and Wet Areas

Crevices and cracks can be the perfect place for mould and spores to accumulate. The fungus and bacteria can lead to health problems as well as degrade the very material they live in. The result is a damaged shower that may cost thousands of dollars to replace and can be almost impossible to clean. Prison showers are high foot traffic areas, and therefore at even higher risk of severe damage over time.

High performance resinous epoxy floor coatings, such as Nitoflor FC150 HP, once cured, are insoluble and impervious to water ingress, provided the area has acceptable drainage to prevent standing water. They are also easily maintained and long lasting, to help save on cleaning and maintenance costs.

Other advantages include;

  • Hygienic – they do not support the growth of germs or bacteria
  • Attractive – available in a range of colours to match the surrounding environment, and 
  • Safe – slip resistance ratings can be achieved with the addition of slip resistant grit

Fosroc Nitoflor FC 150 HP - system recommendation

Product Application - Prison Cell Shower Floors









Prison Cell Floors, Corridors and Communal Cell Areas

Durability is a major consideration for the prison floor.  The intensive environment in prison puts a lot of stress on flooring materials.  Tiles and sheet-based materials must be stuck to the concrete substrate with glues, which can therefore be “picked at”, lifted and potentially shaped into a weapon, posing a serious concern to security. 

Epoxy floor coatings adhere directly to the concrete, offering a non-pick, high impact resistant product, which reduces the risk of vandalism.
Safety and sanitation are other key concerns for prison floor areas. Flooring systems need to withstand daily cleaning with harsh chemicals and solvents, while ensuring a safe environment for staff and inmates by providing a non-slip surface.

Epoxy resin floor toppings, such as Nitoflor SL or Nitoflor SLX, meet this need and when combined with Nitoflor FC150 HP, slip resistant requirements can be met.

Fosroc Nitoflor SL – system recommendation

Product Application - Prison cell corridors and communal area floors









Kitchen Areas

Prison kitchen facilities are one of the harshest flooring environments, being exposed to a range of chemicals, food products, equipment, heavy foot traffic and harsh cleaning regimes. Selection of an appropriate resinous system is necessary for durability and safety.

Polyurethane cementitious systems, such as Nitoflor PU200 and Nitoflor PU600, offer a range of advantages for food preparation areas, such as;

  • Chemical resistance – to withstand frequent cleaning with harsh chemical
  • Resistance to thermal shock – suitable for use in cool stores
  • Resistance to mechanical stress – from equipment use
  • Low odour and low VOC – non-taint around food during and after applicatio
  • Added anti-microbial protection – to reduce the chance for microbial growth
  • Fast application and quick return to service – because kitchens are an integral part of the facility

Fosroc Nitoflor PU200 / Nitoflor PU600 – system recommendation

Fosroc Nitoflor PU200 & PU600 system application recommendation









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